World Mosquito
Control Association

Committed to eradicating mosquitoes globally

A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research and control of mosquitoes, biting midges, vector-borne diseases, and to provide an international forum for discussion and dissemination of information.

Executive Board

President: Professor Norbert Becker, Ph.D
Executive Director: Major S. Dhillon, Ph.D


North America:     Joe Conlon, Ph.D
North America:     Steve Mulligan
South America:     Paulo Pimenta, Ph.D
Europe:                  Vacant
Australia:               Vacant
Asia:                      Vacant
Africa:                   Charles Mbogo, Ph.D
Industry:                David Sullivan

Treasurer:              Major Dhillon, Ph.D
Webmaster:           William Van Dyke, REHS
Legal Counsel:      Amrit P. Dhillon, Esq

Next Board meeting is to be determined

Contact Information

Email:                   mdhillon@northwestmvcd.org or                               
Phone:                   +1-951-340-9792
Fax:                       +1-951-340-2515
Address:                1966 Compton Avenue
                              Corona, California, 92881